MLB New York Yankees Topps Yankees 27X Champs Set


This 27 card set celebrates the World Champions won by the NY Yankees. There is one card celebrating each year the Yankees won the World Series, and a star of that World Series. The cards that predate Topps releasing cards, will be issued in the style of their classic 1952 Topps set. The cards that are later will be beautiful reproductions of the original Topps cards. Each card will have on the back some history of the series in the theme of this complete collection, and will be numbered from 1-27. Made in USA. Checklist of players: ***Players could be changed due to rights issues. World Series Team Player 1923 Babe Ruth (1952 Topps Design) 1927 Lou Gehrig (1952 Topps Design) 1928 Leo Durocher (1952 Topps Design) 1932 Lefty Gomez (1952 Topps Design) 1936 Tony Lazzeri (1952 Topps Design) 1937 Bill Dickey *** (1952 Topps Design) 1938 Red Ruffing (1952 Topps Design) 1939 Red Rolfe *** (1952 Topps Design) 1941 Phil Rizzuto (1952 Topps Design) 1943 Charlie Keller (1952 Topps Design) 1947 Yogi Berra (1952 Topps Design) 1949 Johnny Mize (1952 Topps Design) 1950 Hank Bauer (1952 Topps Design) 1951 Mickey Mantle (Featured on 1951 Topps Playing Card Design) € Topps Reprint Cards (13) 1952 Mickey Mantle 1953 Mickey Mantle 1956 Don Larsen 1958 Enos Slaughter 1961 Roger Maris 1962 Elston Howard *** 1977 Thurman Munson 1978 Reggie Jackson 1996 Andy Pettitte 1998 Derek Jeter 1999 Jorge Posada 2000 Mariano Rivera 2009 Alex Rodriguez



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